Kanthaka Dharma Center and Animal Sanctuary
A Place of Rescue and Respite

+1 (719) 314 - 7533 office

A non-profit entity dedicated to the  Buddhist belief of compassionate existence



The Kanthaka Dharma Center and Animal Sanctuary (the Center) is the vision of John M. Scorsine, a Buddhist minister, lawyer and volunteer EMS/fire first reponder.   As a non-profit corporation, the Dharma Center’s mission is to host programs of holistic wellness and spiritual rejuvenation, while spreading the Dharma both through teachings to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.  Serving all beings in need, the Center is also facilitating large animal rescue, training and adoption services. 

Named after the dedicated Kanthaka, the Center seeks to turn the Wheel of Dharma through its efforts to be a place of peace, compassion, education and refuge. Kanthaka was the favorite white horse from the 6th century BC - the royal servant of Prince Siddhartha, who later became Gautama Buddha. Prince Siddhartha rode Kanthaka in all major events described in Buddhist texts before his renunciation of the World. Following the departure of Siddhartha from the palace, Kanthaka died of a broken heart, but was reborn and able to attend teachings of his former Prince, now the Buddha.

Our office hours are:  8am-10pm, with Center tours upon appointment.

+1 (719) 314-7533 office